He says what he thinks.

Hoe does what he feels like.

He will fight for what’s right.

It’s just, his nose

This world-famous theater classic tells the story of Cyrano who is secretly in love with the beautiful Roxane. But she doesn’t see him. And then handsome Christian appears.

Twelve young players improvise and write a brand new adaptation with director Carlo Scheldwacht about becoming who you want to be and daring to be who you are. And what matters most? Your inside or outside? See and hear the actors rhyme and rap, sing and swing, drone and drone, wail and cheer. Because what the heart is full of, the mouth overflows with.

Word search
Before the performance you will meet our jonge onderzoekers in the foyer in the role of word searchers. What do you want to speak out about? What’s high on your mind? What makes your heart overflow? Our researchers put words to it and make it heard in an open mic session.


Schouwburg de Lawei
Wednesday january 18 19.30

Posthuis Theater
Tuesday januari 24 20.15

Theater Sneek
Wednesday february 1 19.30

Theater de Koornbeurs
Wednesday february 8 20.00

Who’s participating?

With Pieter van Aalst, Iris Dicke, Loïs Brouwer, Nina Los, Hedzer Seffinga, Fardau Nijboer, Rosaline Smit, Amir Issa, Maryke Kuiken, Rixt Siderius, Julius van der Monde and Oane Marten van der Veen directed by Carlo Scheldwacht Costuming Josefine Smid set design by Marlies Schot lighting design by Gé Wegman Musical advice Peter Sijbenga technical support Jeroen van Casteren, Rutger van der Hout production by Coco de Haas Publicity by Nienke Rullmann marketing advice by Jelma Dekker jonge onderzoekers Wendy Viel, Eline de Vries project employeeDomenica Tundo Interns Vanity Gerrits, Esmee de Haan, Isa van den Bosch Photography by Tryntsje Nauta graphic design by Wikke Meinsma Caretakeres Ybo Salasse en Sam de Haas artistic and bussiness direction by Hilde Mulder


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