You can start the Youth theatre school when you are 12,13 or 14 years old. You first audition so that you can find out what it is like at our school and we can see whether you are suitable to start with us. Are you not twelve years old yet? Then you can enroll for the youth theatre school junior


There is plenty of room for you to develop with us. You will receive lessons and workshops in acting, theater, voice, dance and movement. You receive physical training and you work with text and music. You learn to use your imagination. You develop courage and self-confidence. You learn to think of and create scenes. And a few times a season there is an open stage for all students. Of course, we can’t cram all of that into one season. We are a school where you can go for a longer period of time.

Once you enter the youth theatre school, you never want to leave! You start in the basic class and from there you can move on to further classes. You register for three seasons. But sometimes actors stay shorter or longer. The lessons and rehearsals are on Saturdays and sometimes during the holidays and are given by professional teachers. We have our own building with theater studios on the Oostersingel in Leeuwarden.


Everyone who wants to go to the youth theater school has to audition first. You will get lessons in which you will do all sorts of assignments and exercises We can then see whether you are suitable for the youth theater school and you can see whether the youth theater school is something for you.

The auditions for the 2024-2025 school year are on June 14 and 15.
The auditions last two days On Friday, the audition takes place between 18.30 and 20.30. On Saturday between 10.00 and 15.00
There are also auditions in September, on September 20 and 21!

Would you like to come and have a look first? That is possible! Then register for the trial lesson on June 11 between 18.30 and 20.00.
You can register here:


Everything you learn in the lessons you put into practice by playing in performances. We make many different types of productions: sometimes based on existing texts, sometimes devised ourselves. Sometimes with two actors and sometimes with twenty. Funny performances, exciting or moving. Or everything at the same time. We play our productions in theaters, but also on location, on the street or at festivals; in and outside Friesland.


Every year there are young people from the Youth Theatre School who want to go to arts education, for example to a theater school. We coach our actors in auditioning for further training.


€442.50 per season: 25 lessons (every Saturday) of at least three hours, participation in workshops, open stages, free coffee and tea.


Does tuition not fit within your family’s budget? Then you can report to the Youth Fund Sports & Culture.
Do you have any questions? You can email
The Youth Fund coordinator in your area can help you!
Or view the Youth Fund website here, where you will find all the information.