Meeuw jonge onderzoekers has been around for four years now and is a well-known name among our audiences, at the theaters where we perform and among teachers at various secondary schools in Fryslân. We focused on research with and by young people about theatre and everything that comes with it. One of the principles of Meeuw jonge onderzoekers is personal involvement; we want participants to interact ‘live’ with each other, to engage in conversation and to literally and figuratively get moving. And that’s why we’re going to investigate, with you!
Either connected to a performance or independently. In small groups, with a room full of people or just with you We like to make you think and happily mislead you.

We think it is fun, good and important to share what we love about theatre with you as an audience. To take you along and let you experience that theatre is exciting, complex and about the most fun there is.


Jonge onderzoekers at School focuses on young people who come to our performances as part of school. For small groups, a class or for students individually. Before the performance, they attend a workshop in which a theme from the performance is highlighted. Research can take place at school, but also on location or in Meeuw’s studios.

Through the workshops we get young people thinking and ensure that the performance becomes an event in which they feel involved. Where they learn something about themselves, about others and what is happening in the world around you.

We also give workshops at school separate from performances. This happens after a request from schools.
In the context of CKV, students can, for example, conduct research around performances. They can delve deeper into the process of creating the performance through rehearsal visits and conversations with actors, dancers, musicians and the makers. Ultimately, they conclude the investigation with a visit to the performance.


Before our performances there is always a program by Meeuw jonge onderzoekers in the theatre or at the location where we perform. Our jonge onderzoekers are active in the foyer, in front of or behind the stage. They mobilize the audience in various ways, make you think and engage in conversation with other people from the audience about the theme of the performance.

Besides the theatre, the jonge onderzoekers can sometimes also be found in the wild!


Do you want to know more about our jonge onderzoekers? Or are you curious about what we can do for your school?
Then you can contact our head researcher Wendy Viel