De Dansavond

We celebrate the year that Leeuwarden is Cultural Capital with all the up-and-coming stage talent that Friesland has to offer. More than a hundred young actors, dancers and musicians between the ages of 12 and 20 can be seen in this musical theater production. Meeuw Jonge Theatermakers, het Frysk Jeugd Orkest en de Jeugd Dans Opleiding Fryslân show their most versatile side. An overwhelming spectacle that will leave you wanting for eyes, ears and breath!

DE DANSAVOND is an age-old story about the search for an unforgettable evening. Of high expectations and hopes for that one. From gathering courage on the sidelines and painful attempts. From being rejected with a bang and kissing at the emergency exit. The world doesn’t stand still, but some things never change.

Due to the great success of De Dansavond in our anniversary year 2015 and the fact that Leeuwarden is the cultural capital in 2018, this special performance will be put into production again. Because we want to show that Friesland not only has great skating and gymnastics talents, but is also a fertile ground for talent in the fields of music, dance and theater. With the same director, choreographer and conductor, but with new young talent in the leading role.

The production is inspired by the film ‘Le bal’ by the Italian film director Ettore Scola.


Saturday march 17 20.15

Sunday march 18 15.00

Who’s participating?

Concept and directed by Hilde Mulder
muzikale direction Theo Brouwer (Frysk Jeugd Orkest)
Choreography Grietine Molenbuur (Jeugd Dans Opleiding Fryslân)
Actors of de Jeugdtheaterschool
Dancers of Jeugd dans Opleiding Fryslân
Music by het Frysk Jeugd Orkest
Text Wessel de Vries
sheet music Frieda te Boekhorst

Set design Marlies Schot

Costume design Annet Suurmeijer
Vocal training Martine van den Dool

Director’s assistent Jelke Rijpma

Production Coco de Haas, Minke Hoogenboezem
Technical support Koos de Vries, Hendrik van der Zee

Publicity Marjan Moes, Jelma Dekker

Photography Tryntsje nauta

Graphic design Rob van Hoesel


‘Young talent in Dansavond’

– an interview with actor Abel and dancer Cerine in Huis aan Huis Leeuwarden: