De Kapsalon

A boy cuts his hair and ends a friendship in one day A hairdresser dreams of becoming a world-famous physicist. A girl hopes that her parents will look at her differently if she dyes here hair purple

Who doesn’t know this? The desire to enter the world as new again? That’s what De Kapsalon is all about. Three short performances in three different hair salons, written by three young people from the Jonge Schrijvers course of Meeuw and Explore the North.

Thanks to Ayad Mihi of De Superschaar, Gullet Hore of Tzjill Barbier & Lounge and Ruby Glas of Kapsalon La Vie.
Gemeente Leeuwarden and Provincie Fryslân


Since 2018, we have been working with Explore the North on training for young people to get them writing. That is why Meeuw’s lessons also focus on creating texts ourselves, with which we give our young people broader training in theater making.
To learn more about the jonge schrijvers’ trajectory, check out the Explore the North website!


Thursday march 9 17.30 and 19.45 (try out)

ATTENTION! Second performance starts at 19.30.

Thursday march 16 17.30 and 19.30 (premiere)

Thursday march 23 17.30 and 19.30

Thursday march 30 17.30 and 19.30

Thursday april 6 17.30 and 19.30

All performances are sold out. If you would like to be on the waiting list, please email

A week prior to the performance you will receive an email with further details and practical information.

Starting point
De Walrus, Gouveneursplein 37 Leeuwarden.

Diner De Kapsalon
Do you want to eat at the kapsalon? Then come and eat at De Walrus before or after the performance! Then order both a ticket for the performance and a ticket for the food.
At the 17.30 performance you will eat afterwards. At the 19.30 performance you eat before the performance.
The food consists of a main course.

Who’s participating

WithPieter van Aalst, Iris Dicke, Nina Los, Hedzer Seffinga, Melle Tollenaar, Hannah de Vries, Rixt Siderius, Fardau Nijboer, Oane Marten van der Veen, Sinne Nova van Dieren, Julius van der Monde, Vanity Gerrits Jonge schrijvers Iris Dicke, Tidde van Mourik and Stijn Schootstra Writer’s guidance Wessel de Vries Directed by Ali Zijlstra, Jelke Rijpma en Hilde Mulder design byJosefine Smid technical support Jeroen van Casteren, Rutger van der Hout production Esmee de Haan Publicity by Nienke Rullmann marketing advice by Jelma Dekker project employeeDomenica Tundo Photography by Tryntsje Nauta graphic design by Wikke Meinsma artistic and bussiness direction by Hilde Mulder