It is a courageous profession to operate large machines in all weather conditions. These young guys know how to do it. Without them, no new houses, no major renovations, no dream renovations. But, between all the work; what do they actually dream of?

The Jonge Schrijvers give substance to this, without knowing the boys in the photo. A number of musicians will also make an interpretation of the photo. At Oerol, the musicians and writers come face to face with the person behind the photo for the first time. Does the person portrayed recognize himself in the story and piece of music?

For Het Grote Onbekende Jonge schrijvers Rixt Siderius, Lonneke Terpstra, Hedzer Seffinga en Amir Issa received a portait of a young Terschellinger they don’t know. Based on these photos they will write a story This year the focus will be on three boys who work at Terschelling contracting & earthmoving company Trip Hek.

Het grote onbekende can be seen from 10 to 13 June during the Oerol festival on Terschelling.
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Het Grote Onbekende is a collaboration between Meeuw Jonge Theatermakers, Explore The North and Oerol.