Meeuw has been around for 25 years!

In 2015 we will appear every 25th of the month with an episode of a series of special theater events. Always one-off and small-scale. Each time at a different location, with different guests and an unexpected perspective. With performances by young performing artists from our own stable. Be there and be surprised! Sunday January 25

HET GEVOEL VAN 25 – 25 januari
The kick-off is a theatrical talk show on January 25.

What is it like to be 25 years old? Or want to be? How much effort does it take to be married for 25 years? What is it like to run a barbershop for 25 years? And what does it mean to be friends for 25 years?
On January 25, we will have guests from various backgrounds who will talk about this in a theatrical talk show.

Meet & Greet youth theater makers in Friesland – Thursday June 25
Do you make theater? With young people or children? In Friesland?
We would like to invite you to a meeting on Thursday, June 25, where you can meet everyone who does the same.

Talent development: the position in the country – Saturday March 28 (De Harmonie)
Talent development is HOT. Over the past ten years, initiatives in this area have sprung up like mushrooms. But what do we actually know about each other? Who are the actors and what do they stand for? What is the story behind a project? Which face goes with which name? Who should you contact with a burning question? At this ini-conference you will have the opportunity to find answers to the above matters. To gain a better overview of the field of Talent Development.

Being young in Leeuwarden – Sunday October 25 (HCL)
What is it like to grow up in the most acclaimed and maligned city in Friesland? And what was it like twenty-five, fifty or a hundred years ago? Will things ever turn out well for you if your cradle was in Leeuwarden? Or is it a guarantee for a happy and successful life? What did young people think about this over the centuries and how do young people today view it?

We interrogate Liwwarders from different generations about the issue: including Femke Feddema, Eric Ennema and Douwe Havenga.


Who’s participating?

MEEUW JONGE THEATERMAKERS is supported financially by Provinsje Fyslan en Gemeente Leeuwarden.
The 25ste van de maand is supported financially by P.W. Janssen’s Friesche Stichting


For more information or appointments, please contact Hester Berkelmans, publicity.
058-2955040 of 06-24269990