Restaurant De Goudfazant

Clinking glasses, buzzing, steaming plates, waiters coming and going. Business as usual in restaurant de Goudfazant is what you would think But nothing is what it seems What are all those breadcrumbs doing on the floor? Who is that girl in the red jacket looking for? What big ears that old lady with a walker has! And why is everyone suddenly yawning? Welcome to the wonderful world of this special establishment.

For this fairytale opera, Meeuw-jonge theatermakers work with all her actors together with the sixty singers of the opera choir Amadeus. Four famous fairy tales with young heroes in the leading roles are the common thread in this musical theater production. Live choral music by Offenbach, Rossini, Donizetti and Gershwin, among others, is seamlessly interwoven in scenes in a restaurant where it is certainly not just about food. Eat or be eaten: that seems to be the motto in restaurant De Goudfazant.


Friday April 7 20.00 – premiere (SOLD OUT)
Saturday April 8 15.00 (SOLD OUT)
Saturday April 8 20.00 (SOLD OUT)
Sunday April 9 15.00 (SOLD OUT)
Sunday April 9 20.00 (SOLD OUT)

A family show for everyone aged 9 and over

Mannen van Staal
Morseweg 19 in Leeuwarden (bedrijventerrein Zwette)
Be on time and wear warm clothing/shoes

Who’s participating?

Directed by Jeek ten Velden, Wendy Viel, Akkemei van der Veen, Carlo Scheldwacht

conductor Tjalling Wijnstra

Final direction Hilde Mulder
script Carlo Scheldwacht
Piano Gelske Bergsma
executives 63 players from Meeuw jonge theatermakers and 61 singers from Operakoor Amadeus
set design by Marlies Schot
costume design by Josefine Smid
lighting design by Gé Wegman
Technical production and sound design Remko Smids
production by Coco de Haas
Marketing and publicityHester Berkelmans, Jelma Dekker, Betty Sirag
Office Henny Postma
artistic and bussiness direction by Hilde Mulder
Thanks to Theunis and Liza Bakker of Mannen van Staal and all helping hands from Operakoor
Amadeus and friends and parents of Meeuw jonge theatermakers
Photography Wij zijn Kees
Graphic design Rob van Hoesel