Three brothers have been on the sofa for a year. Their dad has left and their mom is asleep They eat fries every night, they argue every night and they tell each other the same story every night. They have sworn off the world outside their front door after their lives were turned upside down. What happened that night at the fair?

But then. A dance competition is organised, a theft takes place in the supermarket and it is time for the begonias to go outside again. Because no matter how determined you are to want nothing more to do with the world around you: sitting on the couch is not everything.

Upcoming professionals Wessel de Vries (1994) came up with the concept for the performance and wrote the text. He is a third-year student at the writing course at the University of the Arts in Utrecht. He previously received critical acclaim for the striking, lifelike and witty dialogues he writes for theater and film, including De Dansavond and Fast Forward at Meeuw | jonge theatermakers The performance is performed by four young actors who have recently started or recently completed vocational theater training.


Saturday march 17 20.15

Sunday march 18 15.00

Who’s participating?

Concept and text Wessel de Vries
Directed by Jeek ten Velden
Actors Bart Harder, Jelke Rijpma, Ronald Kalter, Renée Rijpstra
Design Marlies Schot
Technical support Koos de Vries, Remko Smids
Director’s assistent Bo Veltman
Marketing and publicity Hester Berkelmans, Jelma Dekker
production by Coco de Haas
Office Henny Postma
Education Anne Graswinckel
artistic and bussiness direction by Hilde Mulder
fotografie Promotional material Wij zijn Kees
Graphic design Rob van Hoesel
Publicity photography Karel Zwaneveld
Trailer Daan Bandringa


Het Friesch Dagblad interviewed creator and writer Wessel de Vries and Jeek ten Velden, the director of Schiettenent.

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The Friesch Dagblad and the Leeuwarder Courant were present at the premiere:

“Distorted youth in intense focus” and “With the tight direction of Jeek ten Velden and the intense and strong acting of the four actors, it is a moving performance”

Read the full article here.

“Shooting gallery: suffocation with laughter” was the headline in the Leeuwarder Courant.

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