Friesland, the land of everlasting summers. From Black-tailed Godwit, oranjekoek and pompeblêd. Where the grass is always green. Right?

Schreeuwen in een weiland is a tribute to young people growing up in the Frisian countryside. The place where you don’t choose your group of friends, but you are one. A performance about puppy love and faltering WiFi. About always cycling against a headwind, so that the world often overtakes you before you even realize it. Before you know it, it will be a village fair again.

Arcadia and BROEI
Schreeuwen in een weiland iis the opening performance of BROEI, the platform for young artists during Arcadia. BROEI consists of 15 different projects in which young makers implement their idiosyncratic ideas and plans. From performance, film to graffiti: it will BROEI throughout Friesland during Arcadia!
Arcadia 2022 lasts from May 6 to August 14, 2022.

Want to know more about BROEI? Then take a look at their website.
Info about Arcadia can be found here.


Eating after or before the performance? That is possible! If you choose the 17.00 performance, you will eat afterwards.
Would you rather eat first and then go to the show? Then choose the 19.00 performance. In the Café, Het wapen van Baarderadeel, a Deistige Bap is ready for you. When buying your ticket you can indicate whether you want a Deistige Hap Fega or Deistige Hap Fleis.

Friday may 6
17.00 and 19.00 – premiere

Saturday may 7
17:00 and 19:00

Saturday may 14
17:00 – SOLD OUT!
19:00 – SOLD OUT!

Sunday may 15
17:00 – SOLD OUT!
19:00 – SOLD OUT!

The performance starts at the Wapen van Baarderadeel
Sluytermanwei 27-29
9023 AB Jorwert

If you have any questions or encounter any problems while ordering your tickets, please email


Concept & directed by Aukje Schaafsma Text guidanceWessel de Vries with Pieter van Aalst, Iris Dicke, Guusje van Kalker, Nina Los, Hedzer Seffinga, Rixt Siderius, Rosaline Smit, Melle Tollenaar, Oane Marten van der Veen Musical design by Peter Sijbenga Choreography Jan Vriezinga Costuming Josefine Smid Lighting design and technical design Koos de Vries production by Coco de Haas production-assistent Jip Baltussen Publicity by Nienke Rullmann jonge onderzoekers Wendy Viel
project employee Domenica Tundo marketing advice Jelma Dekker Photography Tryntsje Nauta graphic designWikke Meinsma caretakers Sam de Haas, Ybo Salasse artistic and bussiness leader Hilde Mulder, Carlo Scheldwacht

CITY vs. COUNTRYSIDE PART 1: Cars and cows.
What do you see when you look outside?

CITY vs. COUNTRYSIDE PART 2: To greet or not to greet?
What do you think are the differences between people from a village or city?

Clogs or sneakers

What do you think young people look like in the countryside or in the city? #meeuwjongeonderzoekers

Kale or home delivery?

What do you think is eaten in the city or in the countryside? #meeuwjongeonderzoekers

New York or Sint Annaparochie?

Where do you want to live when you grow up? #meeuwjongeonderzoekers