Van oude dingen de mensen die voorbijgaan

We commemorate the Second World War through stories of the people who experienced the war. We started looking for stories about the war based on items. Items that have been left behind, stolen, lost or found.

And indeed: we had a theater performance in mind. But saldy, this was not possible. But of course we can’t be pigeonholed into one thing. The players have explored all kinds of different ways to tell their stories so that you as an audience can become part of them. And so an online production was born that you will soon be able to see on your screen. Animation, film, rap, vlog, spoken word, music, mockumentary. In this way, nine videos were created by twelve young people from Meeuw jonge theatermakers. Ehm. Meeuw jonge filmmakers.

Starting on May 2, we will publish three videos on our site every day. This way, all nine videos will be available on may 4 There will be a digital foyer on May 4, where we would like to invite you to chat and raise a glass with us in anticipation of May 5. To 75 years of freedom

Who’s participating?

with Hester Douma, Anna Wytske Holwerda, Janne Herrema, Anna Heslinga, Elvis Khakichev, Bram Kuik, Tidde van Mourik , Bjorn Plat, Joost Smit, Jojanneke Taconis, Sterre van Wijk, Josefien Zielhuis Directed by Carlo Scheldwacht Editing byStijn Schootstra en Jurre Bokma Technical coordination Remko Smids production by Coco de Haas Publicity by Nienke Rullmann Photography Trynstje Nauta graphic design by Wikke Meinsma Meeuw jonge onderzoekers Wendy Viel Artistic and bussiness direction Hilde Mulder


Van oude dingen de mensen die voorbijgaan was an online production on May 2,3, and 4 2020

A production in collaboration with Theater na de Dam.

Digital foyer May 4 20.15

In an online livestream we will create a digital foyer together with our audience at 20.15 Follow the conversaton between the makers of the videos and different guests live on Facebook en Instagram. What did they think about during the two minutes of silence? What does freedom mean to them? Talk and think along and ask your questions in the chat!