Verdwenen families

What was it like when a family suddenly disappeared during the Second World War? Neighbors or a family in your village? Kids from school, friends? From one day to the next, an empty house on your street, an empty chair in class, a friend who you didn’t have to pick up before you cycled to school.

The stories and memories of eight elderly people who experienced the Second World War as children form the lively source of inspiration for the performance Verdwenen Families. Sixteen young people of the Jeugdtheaterschool have interviewed them. Their stories from the war will be brought back to live by these young actors, while being guided by director Janneke de Haan. The atmosphere, the emotions and the images from the stories are central, with the theme of ‘disappearing’ being the common thread.

The result will be on display in the archives in the basement of Tresoar. Between the cupboards, in the long corridors where the history of Fryslân is preserved. The history, of which the second world war is a part.

The project is an initiative of Theater na De Dam in Amsterdam, carried out by Meeuw | jonge theatermakers in collaboration with Tresoar in Leeuwarden.


The performance Disappeared Families takes place between the archives of Tresoar, Boterhoek 1 in Leeuwarden.

Tuesday May 3 19.00 (sold out) en 21.00 (sold out)
Wednesday May 4 19.00 en 21.00 (sold out)
Friday May 6 19.00 (sold out) en 21.00

Who’s participating?

Directed by Janneke de Haan
With Larissa Boelsma, Cheyenne Nijboer, Minke Hoogenboezem, Jante Stekelenburg, Sara Talsma, Hannah Swart, Riemer v.d. Wal, Kamiel Klarenbeek, Merel Staalstra, Rémy Jamin, Rients Oppewal, Isabelle Vastrick, Evelien jager, Luna Wismeijer
Storytellers Alphons Katan, Sjouke Hondema, Trienke Postma, Taylor Parkins, Els van Grunderbeek, de heer en mevrouw Kooistra, de heren Sanders, Sijses en Nauta
Design and technical support Geartsje van der Zee
marketing Hester Berkelmans, Jelma dekker
production by Coco de Haas
Photography Wij zijn Kees
Graphic design Rob van Hoesel
Office Henny Postma
artistic and bussiness direction by Hilde Mulder


Het Friesch Dagblad interviewed director Janneke de Haan.

The working method alone gives this performance so many extras and has a huge impact on the young people.”

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