A performance about people who cannot or do not want to sleep, about a dike village, a nightmare, a singing lamppost and a night-time accident. About looking for boundaries, encountering boundaries and going beyond them.

Meeuw jonge onderzoekers
The night has many faces. The time where you are either fast asleep or wide awake. The time where everything seems bigger than it is. In which your subconscious takes over from reason.
Our jonge onderzoekers take you into the world of the night. Call our night phone. Discover the meaning of your dreams during a dream consultation or sit down to a board game and discover how limitless you are.

Sneek- theater Sneek
Tuesday January 23 19.30. – Tickets:

Heerenveen – Posthuis Theater
Tuesday January 28 20.15 uur – Tickets:

Groningen – SPOT/Stadsschouwburg
Wednesday February 12 20.15 uur – Tickets:


WithBryanth Chauthi, Vedeh Heere, Sterre Henke Hofma, Stijn Schootstra, Nina Los, Johan v.d. Pol, Chandler Rispens, Aranka Tjalsma, Emma Tromp, Lieke Venema, Senna Zijlstra

Text: Sanne Schuhmacher Directed by Hilde Mulder Choreography Tatiana Matveeva Dramaturgy Carlo Scheldwacht Design Marlies Schot Costuming Josefine Smid lighting by Koos de Vries sounddesign byPeter Sijbenga Sound design Remko Smids Technical support Jeroen van Casteren Vocal coachingElizabeth Kooy Director’s assitent Jan Bart Noordhuis Meeuw Jonge onderzoekers Wendy Viel production by Coco de Haas Publicity by Nienke Rullmann marketing-advice Jelma Dekker Photography by Tryntsje Nauta Office Jelly Steenstra Caretakers Ybo Salasse, Sam de Haas, artistic and bussiness direction by Hilde Mulder


The Leeuwarder Courant and Friesch Dagblad came by for an interview with directors Hilde Mulder and Tatiana Matveeva.
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“These actors play theater like Ajax plays football,” said the Leeuwarder Courant.
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“Hilde Mulder and Tatiana Matveeva have made something special out of it. The story, written by Sanne Schuhmacher, appeals to the youth and this is reflected in the fun we see on stage.” Wrote Friesch Dagblad
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