My Bloody Family

You need it from your family. A father kills his daughter So the mother kills the father So the son avenges the father and kills his mother.

Meeuw jonge theatermakers comes this season with De Oresteia: the age-old drama of world class. Director Carlo Scheldwacht tackles it with eleven young players and reduces it to a paperback version with the question we have been wrestling with for two and a half thousand years: if everyone who throws a punch also deserves one, where does it end?

At each performance there is a program from our new department from 45 minutes before the start Meeuw jonge onderzoekers!

  • What about the Trojan War again? And Iphigeneia, what happened there again? For these questions and more, you can take the refresher course given by Jeek ten Velden or the Scheldwacht brothers.
  • Are you more up for a personal test? Then take part in the board game ‘Who am I actually?’ at one of our game tables in the foyer.
  • And would you like to exchange ideas with an expert after the performance? Then afterwards, join one of the lawyers, judges or public prosecutors we have invited.

The follow-up discussions are made possible by the District Court of Northern Netherlands


Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie, Leeuwarden
Wednesday November 1 20.30 – try out
Thursday November 2 20.30 – premiere
Friday November 3 20.30
Saturday November 4 20.30
Monday November 6 15.30 – School production

Theater de Koornbeurs, Franeker – cancelled
Wednesday November 22 20.15

Theater Sneek
Wednesday November 29 19.30

Stadsschouwburg Groningen
Thurday November 30 20.15

Posthuistheater, Heerenveen
Tuesday December 12 19.30

Schouwburg De Lawei, Drachten
Thursday December 14 19.30

Tickets can be reserved through the theaters, group reservations through Hester Berkelmans (058-2955040 of

Who’s participating?

Text Aeschylus
Adapted by Carlo Scheldwacht
directed by Carlo Scheldwacht
Actors Robin Bodde, Larissa Boelsma, Hella Hoogenboezem, Rémy Jamin, Sterre Joore, Rosa Los, Roelof Meijer, Stijn Schootstra, Elise Smit, Riemer v.d. Wal
Ifigineia Welmoed, Renée en Isa
set design by Marlies Schot
Costuming Daphne de Winkel
lighting design by Gé Wegman
Music Rene Thie
Sound design Remko Smids
Technical support Paul Reitsma, Hendrik v.d. Zee
Director’s assistent Floor wip
Marketing and publicity Hester Berkelmans, Jelma Dekker
production by Coco de Haas
Office Henny Postma
artistic and bussiness direction by Hilde Mulder
Education Wendy Viel, Anne Graswinckel
Photography by Tryntsje Nauta
Graphic design Rob van Hoesel


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