Welkom in Drachten

A theatrical experience about the question of when a new place becomes a home

What do a former Philips employee and a status holder from Drachten have in common? They both came to Drachten to build a new life. By themselves or with a family. With good courage or full of uncertainty.

Meeuw jonge theatermakers Meeuw young theater makers and Schouwburg De Lawei went looking for their stories and interviewed ten people who came to Drachten from elsewhere over the years. What did their first days in Drachten look like. How did the first meetings with the Drachtsters go? Will they manage to make Drachten their home? Or will home always be the place where you come from?

Every city or village has newcomers who have to find their way there – with or without expectations. What is it like to be a newcomer? Five future makers (four performers and one designer) with their roots in Friesland create performances based on interviews with newcomers. Come see their solos, meet newcomers from all times and ask yourself what you need to feel at home somewhere.

Entrance: € 15,00 including a drink
Passepartout (3 performances): €35.00


Sunday september 4 15.00
Posthuis Theater
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Sunday september 11 15.00
Theater Sneek
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Sunday september 18 15.00
Theater De Koornbeurs
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Sunday september 25 15.00
Schouwburg De Lawei
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Sunday october 2 15.00
Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie
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Who’s participating?

Concept Carlo Scheldwacht en Wendy Viel Directed by Wendy Viel Director’s assistent Vanity Gerrits Makers Ronald Kalter, Stijn Schootstra, Jante Stekelenburg, Sybren van der Velde Costume and set Leoni Pirenne Research and interviews Lisa Frenkel Technical support Roelof Nolles Prorudction Coco de Haas Photography Tryntsje Nauta