Let’s say goodbye with a smile, dear, just for a while, dear, we must part. Don’t let the parting upset you, I’ll not forget you, sweetheart.

Your brother is leaving for a new job far abroad. You stay behind in your Frisian village. “Goodbye, we’ll keep in touch. We will call and write,” you promise each other. And that’s when the war starts. Contact? Phone lines stop working and you have no idea if your letters will still arrive. Where the other person is, how they are doing and whether they are still alive: you can only guess. You are torn between desperation and silent hope for a good outcome.

‘We’ll meet again’ is inspired by the book ‘Sesi’ by the Frisian Nynke Sietske de Vries and tells the true story of a sister in the Frisian Pingjum and her brother in the Dutch East Indies who wrote letters to each other during the Second World War and keep a diary. For later. For when they see eachother again.

Nine actors from Meeuw jonge theatermakers researched letters, diaries and testimonials of people who lived through the war. They will show the report of their research in this theater performance on the occasion of the National Commemoration on May 4. The production was created in collaboration with Theater na de Dam in Amsterdam.

On Saturday, May 4, there will be a special theater program in collaboration with Tryater.
After a short interactive introduction, our young people perform We’ll meet again.

At 20,00 there is the opportunity to partake in the two minutes of silence together. Afterwards, at 21.00 there will be the Theater na de Dam – lecture at Tryater with the play Verloren Vader by Tom Lanoye. This text will be read simultaneously by various theater companies throughout the country on May 4.

At the 19.00 performance it is possible to add Tryater’s lecture to your order. We will then pass this reservation on to Tryater.


Dates and times
Friday may 3 18.30
Saturday May 4 18.30 and 20.30
The performance will be played for schools on May 6, 7 and 13

Meeuw jonge theatermakers, Oostersingel 70b Leeuwarden

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Who’s participating?

With Jurre Bokma, Sterre Henke Hofma, Anna Wytske Holwerda, Tessa Okkema, Stijn Schootstra, Joost Smit, Emma Tromp, Boyd van der Veen, Finn Wright directed by Carlo Scheldwacht production by Coco de Haas Publicity by Nienke Rullmann Photography Trynstje Nauta marketing Jelma Dekker kantoor Henny Postma Meeuw jonge onderzoekers Wendy Viel artistic and bussiness direction by Hilde Mulder Special thanks to Janne Herrema, Rémy Jamin, Sterre Joore, Koen Visser