A boy cuts his hair and ends a friendship in one day A hairdresser dreams of becoming a world-famous physicist. A girl hopes that her parents will look at her differently if she dyes here hair purple

De nacht van de filosofie


De nacht van de filosofie During the Nacht van de Filosofie, six young writing talents between the ages of 15 and 18 will take you along in their search for the truth. The truth? Which truth? Will something be confessed? Will it be awkward? Will it be dangerous? So that you lie awake in the coming nights? Or will poetry provide security in these times of fakery and imitation? What we know for sure is that the young writers of Meeuw have been writing poems in recent months under the guidance of poet and playwright Yentl van Stokkum. Within these poems they relate as broadly as possible to the theme of truth. On Saturday, September 26, they will present their most beautiful texts once. Meeuw jonge schrijvers [...]



His father died under suspicious circumstances. His mother has other things on her mind and he doesn't trust his stepfather. When it then seems that his girlfriend Ophelia is also abandoning him, the chaos in his life is complete.

De Dansavond


DE DANSAVOND is the timeless story of the search for an unforgettable evening, of high expectations and hopes for that one. From gathering courage on the sidelines and painful attempts. From being rejected with a bang and kissing at the emergency exit. The world doesn't stand still, but some things never change.

De Meeuw


Kostja has a dream He wants to become a playwright and turn the theater world upside down. He wants to be as famous as his actress mother.



About the performance. Three brothers have been on the sofa for a year. Their dad has left and their mom is asleep They eat fries every night, they argue every night and they tell each other the same story every night. They have sworn off the world outside their front door after their lives were turned upside down. What happened that night at the fair?

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